Did you know that our homeless friends can die in extreme weather, be it super cold or super hot? It’s true, and as daily temperatures reach triple digits this summer, the Rescue Mission has plans to save lives and keep people safe.

Knowing the danger of the heat, we have special efforts planned. We have purchased thousands of refillable water bottles so our homeless friends can stay hydrated. Our “Operation Hydration” program also supplies hats, sunscreen, and non-perishable snack items to those who come through our doors in need of help. We want to turn this hot dry summer into a Summer of Hope. Our efforts supply hope for a new life, as we seek to fill our homeless friends with faith, sobriety, and positive futures.

This is another way the Rescue Mission, because of your partnership, is trying to build relationships with our homeless friends so we can permanently help them off the streets, as well as build a better community for us all.

Thank you in advance for your support of our Operation Hydration efforts during what we expect will be one of the hottest Utah summers ever.

Please help with and support our summer outreaches as you are able. Our current needs list is on our website, You can also get updates by following us on our Facebook page. With your support, we commit to doing our best to ensure we don’t lose any of our homeless friends due to heat and dehydration this summer.

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